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P34/SUG Acronyms and Abbreviations
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Whether you are a member for a long time or just joined the Special Users Group there are always a few terms you might not know or would like to get a bit more information about. This document provides you with some of the most commonly used acronyms and terms on the and web sites.

Acronyms Abbr.Meaning/Description
2Double-Double(s) (1-Digit Types filter option)
AFirst position of a number (Pick34 use)
Azimuth (Wave filter option)
ABFront pair (Pick34 use)
AMRAtrax Mirror (Pick34 filter)
ATraxAlternate (alternative) tracking [0-4] (Pick34 filter)
ATXATrax [0-4] (Pick34 use)
BSecond position of a number (Pick34 use)
Bala (Balanced filter option)
Bottom (Bottom Middle Top filter option)
BMTBottom Middle Top (Pick34 filter)
BNBalanced (Filter)
BOXBoxed (Filter)
BoxBoxed (Filter)
CThird position of a number (Pick34 use)
Central (Central Marginal filter option)
Close (Close Open Straight filter option)
Cold (Hot Cold filter option)
Curve (Curve Line filter option)
CLCurve Line (Filter)
CMCentral Marginal(Pick34 filter)
COSClose Open Straight (Filter)
CSCut Sum (Filter)
CSUMCut Sum (Filter)
DFourth position of a number (Pick34 use)
Down (Down Middle Up filter option)
Double(s) (1-Digit Types filter option)
DBDouble(s) ((2-Digit Types filter option)
DDDouble-Double(s) ((2-Digit Types filter option)
DTDouble-Triple(s) ((2-Digit Types filter option)
DMUDown Middle Up (Pick34 filter)
EFifth position of a number (Pick34 use)
Even (Even Odd filter option)
Even High (High Low Even Odd filter option)
eLow Even (High Low Even Odd filter option)
EOEven Odd (Filter)
FSFront Sum (Filter)
FSUMFront Sum (Filter)
HHigh (High Low filter option)
High (Wave filter option)
Hot (Hot Cold filter option)
HCHot Cold (Filter)
HLHigh Low (Filter)
HLEOHigh Low Even Odd (Filter)
IOIn Out (Filter)
IIn (In Out filter option)
LLow (High Low filter option)
Low (Wave filter option)
Line (Curve Line filter option)
LSGLottery Secrets Group (Pick34 Facebook Support Group)
LSSLargest Subsets (Pick2=Digits - Pick3=Pairs - Pick4=Triplets - Pick5=Quads)
LT3LTrans3 - Linear Transition 3 (Pick34 filter)
LT4LTrans4 - Linear Transition 4 (Pick34 filter)
LVLLevels (Filter)
LW Line Width (Filter)
MMarginal (Central Marginal filter option)
Middle (Bottom Middle Top filter option)
Middle (Down Middle Up filter option)
MNSMaster Numbers Studio
MNS NCS2MNS NCS2 Converter and Emulator (Pick 2 Reduction Tool)
MNS NCS3MNS NCS3 Converter and Emulator (Pick 3 Reduction Tool)
MNS NCS4MNS NCS4 Converter and Emulator (Pick 4 Reduction Tool)
MNS NCS5MNS NCS5 Converter and Emulator (Pick 5 Reduction Tool)
NNumber (Pick34 use)
Nadir (Wave filter option)
Nced (Balanced filter option)
NBNeighbors [1-5] (Pick34 filter)
NCS3Number Combination Slasher Pick3 (Reduction Tool)
NCS4Number Combination Slasher Pick4 (Reduction Tool)
NMRNeighbor Mirror (Pick34 filter)
NOSpxNew Online Slasher (SUG Reduction and Evaluation Tool)
OOdd (Even Odd filter option)
Odd High(High Low Even Odd filter option)
Open (Close Open Straight filter option)
Out (In Out filter option)
oLow Odd (High Low Even Odd filter option) (Web Site) and (Web Sites)
PBXPresorted (Pick34 filter)
PFPersonal Filter (Pick34 use)
QQuad(s) (1-Digit Types filter option)
QDQuad(s) (2-Digit Types filter option)
QPXQuick Predict X (Software)
QTQuint(s) (2-Digit Types filter option)
SSingle(s) (1-Digit Types filter option)
Spike (Spike Trough filter option)
Spike High (Spike Trough High Low filter option)
Straight (Close Open Straight filter option)
sSpike Low (Spike Trough High Low filter option)
SFSpecial Filter (Pick34 use)
SGSingle(s) ((2-Digit Types filter option)
STSpike Trough (Filter)
STHLSpike Trough High Low(Filter)
STRStraight (Filter)
StrStraight (Filter)
SUGPick34 Special Users Group
TTop (Bottom Middle Top filter option)
Triple(s) (1-Digit Types filter option)
Trough (Spike Trough filter option)
Trough High (Spike Trough High Low filter option)
tTrough Low (Spike Trough High Low filter option)
TNExThe Numbers Exchange (Facebook Group)
TRTriple(s) (2-Digit Types filter option)
UUp (Down Middle Up filter option)
VTracVariable tracs [1-5] (Filter)
VTracsVariable tracs [1-5] (Filter)
VTXVTracs [1-5] (Pick34 use)
VZeroAlternative to VTracs [0-4] (Pick34 Filter)
VTZVZero [1-5] (Pick34 use)
WAVWave (Pick34 filter)
WaveWave (Pick34 filter)
ZZenith (Wave filter option)

Where do I get further support?
For more support join the Lottery Secrets Group on Facebook. There are always moderators or other members there who can quickly help with info, links and such. As a one-man show email support is often slower and sporadic.

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