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General Order Support
Where is my access code?
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Order Support
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The most common support issue:
I have not received my access code!

See below some of the most common reasons for a delay in receiving your access code:

You did not order at all.
This issues increased recently. While you prepared your order the big SUBMIT ORDER button was not pressed.
Here is the process: Whenever an order is finalized, a 5 digit invoice number is created and you will receive automatically a receipt from the shopping cart site. I receive that receipt as well and I then process the order. If you did not get that receipt there was no order placed. You can check the card you used and you will see that a payment was never made.

You ordered at night Pacific Time or on weekends/holidays.
As I am a one-an show I have to sleep too. So typically there will be no service between (give or take) 10/11pm PT and 6/7am PT. Usually first thing I do in the morning is to care take of all orders that might have occurred overnight.
The same goes for weekends and holidays. We all have family and friends, so there has to be some business downtime. I hope you understand that too.

You ordered during the day.
It will still take some time but usually not longer than two(2!) hours to renew or set up subscriptions and memberships. It is a manual process and I need to have access to a system to do so.

You ordered with an invalid email address.
In this case - recently happening rather often - I have no way of sending you the login information. The automated send fails as the email cannot be delivered.

Further Information
So if you have not received the information during the day after 2 hours or for an overnight order by 8am Pacific Time, please contact the site at to report the issue.
Any communication should at least include the name and the email used for the order as it often happens that someone writes messages from the phone something like "I did not receive my access code" but without any information regarding the actual order.

So once you know what to expect when, the ordering/renewal process works like a charm. I am human, if you notice a mistake in regards to length of the service, kind of service ordered or wrong names just let me know by email and I'll fix it usually quickly.

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